Become an Ambassador

Thanks for your interest in becoming part of the Veloskin team.

We are looking for regular and enthusiastic riders to help us grow as a brand. You might be a racing snake, endurance rider, an adventuring explorer or merely a typical weekend warrior. We will be considering all aspects of cycling and cycling related personnel.

It is not essential for you to have thousands upon thousands of followers on your social media accounts and blogs and know extremely well-placed people, but rather that they are as active and interactive as you with your social media posts.

We’re looking for engaging and interesting people that love to spend time on their bikes and look after themselves. We like to call this having an established online presence, but you can call it whatever you like. These posts might be via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or any other social media platforms that you use or even blogs.

It's important for us that you're on board with Veloskin and our ethos, and that includes knowing a bit about us, how we love cycling and the products we create. It's difficult to tell people something is great if you haven't used it yourself and don't believe in it too, so make sure you know your chamois cream from your soothing gel!

What happens if you are selected as an ambassador?

We will contact you only if you are successful.

As I’m sure you can imagine, many people have applied and expressed their interest in this opportunity, and we’d love to have everyone on board, but it’s just not possible.

As an ambassador of the company, we will supply you with our skincare products at our discretion; for example, you may receive the full range upon successful selection and again later in the year once or twice more. This doesn’t mean you will have an endless supply as and when you wish. We’d love to be able to do that, and maybe with your help, you can put us in a position to do so. We’ll also give you a few branded bidons so you don’t dehydrate; how nice are we?!

As previous ambassadors have experienced, we will also invite you to a photocall where you can enjoy some Yorkshire lanes, a good coffee and some banter and chat with your fellow ambassadors all whilst wearing some of bespoke Veloskin kit.

These sessions have previously taken place with Team Sky, Rapha, Specialized and Sony specialist cycling photographer, Russ Elllis (@cyclingimages on instagram)

This will be self-supported for attendance; but we’ll definitely buy you a coffee and some cake before we get going, and you will get some kick-ass photos as can be seen on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We also provided our ambassadors with their favourite photo from the day, framed and signed by Russ. We cannot promise Russ just now, as he is becoming busier and busier with Team Sky in particular, but we will most definitely try to have him there again; luckily he is local.

What does being an ambassador mean?

Well, it means you’ll be a small cog in the Veloskin machine. You will be an additional face and voice of Veloskin where we may be unable to reach. We are looking for enthusiastic and creative cyclists (and triathletes if that’s your bag), who can help promote brand awareness.

You can share with your friends, your club and your teammates how satisfied you are with our products (we know you will be) and recommend they jump on board and stay fresh with us. To achieve this, we will provide you with a personalised special access code which you can share out in confidence to people that will look into buying our products (For example, JOHNSMITH20 might give John Smith 20%). You are free to use this code for your own personal use as well. This code can be monitored so we can see as and when you or people you pass it on to use this code; we would ask that this code isn’t shared publically however, any incompliance with this would result in termination of your ambassadorial role.

There’s no pressure to upsell our product as like a salesman; but as an ambassador your good word will help us gain new followers as prospective customers. The code will remain active so long as you are an ambassador of Veloskin. If enough of your club become interested; we can also set up a special access code to the club to use beyond your ambassadorial duties.

What’s expected of a Veloskin Ambassador?

So, we won’t just give you our products because we’re super kind (but we are super kind). In return we will expect you to be interactive with the tweets and posts via facebook from our own account; replying, liking and sharing so we can reach further into the cycling community and make people aware of what we do here at Veloskin.

You can also post on your own accounts as and when you like and tag us in your pictures; they might be from club rides, social rides, café stops, training holidays or even races. We want to know what you do and where, but we also want people to know you do it in the comfort of Veloskin. Of course, we don’t want you to go overboard, people get bored of this stuff and will unfollow you and maybe even us; so keep it sensible, but remember this is part of the ambassador criteria, so keep up to date with it. Remember to also keep these posts clean; you’re representing the brand of Veloskin.

It’s also important to make authentic and believable, if you don’t like something, you won’t promote it. But don’t just ram it down people’s eyes and throats because you think you should, make them understand why!

We have a Strava Pain club so we can see who rides where and how hard which you can join and you can also encourage others to join as we will look to run competitions via the leaderboards to win some Veloskin Swag.

You will also be Guinea pigs! If we have any new products, you might be first to get them to test and give us some feedback. We have other products in the pipeline and feedback is always good.

So, if this all sounds good to you, and you’re successful, you can accept our generous offer and have the greatest skin in the land for 2019. There is no obligation to accept if you don’t think you can keep up to date with Veloskin and on top of your social media posts, so don’t feel there’s any pressure.

How do I apply?

Simply get in touch, sharing some of why you feel you'd make a great VeloSkin ambassador and we'll get back to you.