5 tips for riding comfortably on the turbo trainer

With the weather feeling like it’s constantly testing your will to live on the bike, it’s no wonder so many of us turn to the turbo trainer to satisfy our winter training needs. From long easy rides through Watopia to virtual races, there’s plenty of variety to keep you satisfied. 
But as you increase your hours indoors, you may come to realise that it's a very different style of riding and that what keeps you comfortable outdoors doesn't have the same effect inside. So here’s five ways you can stay happy in the saddle on the turbo.


road bike on turbo trainer

1. Use a bike that fits

If you use the same bike all year round, you won’t have this problem, but if you use two or three bikes, you should make sure they’re all set up for your riding position. Even angling the saddle a couple of degrees the wrong way can amplify issues on the turbo trainer, so it’s worthwhile getting out the measuring tape and making sure things are as close as they can be to the right fit across all your bikes. 


VeloSkin chamois cream

2. Butter that butt

It goes without saying that chamois cream is a must for many people, indoors or out. But when you ride a turbo trainer, your body movement is reduced significantly. You don't have to balance (unless you're on rollers) or react to your surroundings. So you'll spend a lot more time in one static position, meaning using chamois cream is even more important. Reduce the friction between your backside and the saddle to keep it happy, and try to alter your ride positions every so often by getting out of the saddle. Our chamois cream is luxuriously thick and lasts through even the hardest of sessions and is used by VeloSkin supported e-team Wahoo Le Col. Find out more about our Chamois Cream here


 3. Stay mobile

Stretching might be a chore, but turbo training can lead to tightness, so try to allocate even a few minutes after your session to getting limber. You don’t have to do any fancy yoga poses (although yoga is great), or use any muscle massaging tools, just a simple 30 seconds for each stretch is enough to ease off any tension and prevent minor muscular issues from arising. 


 4. Keep it cool

You know how you start sweating after roughly 40 seconds on the turbo, but barely break a sweat outside (in winter)? The temperature difference can be significant between indoors and outdoors, and this raises your body temperature far more quickly. Unfortunately, it also means you’re likely to sweat more and increase friction in areas where you don’t want it. If you can, open a window, or even better, buy a fan. Something like the Wahoo Headwind offers tailored airflow and reacts to the intensity of your session, but essentially, all you need is something powerful enough to cool you down a bit and stop you from rotting your handlebar tape with sweat. 


VeloSkin soothing recovery gel

 5. Recover right

Once you’ve finished your ride, you may be tempted to sit there in your kit doom-scrolling, but the sooner you get out of your kit the better. Warm and damp environments are a breeding ground for bacteria so the best thing you can do is get yourself in the shower and ready to recover. If it's been a hard session, consider eating a protein-filled meal, and make sure you replenish the fluids you lost during your ride. 

In terms of muscle recovery, you should try our Soothing Recovery Gel. Massage it into sore muscles for some relief from the rigours of training. It contains anti-inflammatory properties to help speed up your recovery and lots of other oils perfect for tired skin. You can find out more about it here



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