4 benefits of wearing a cycling cap

Whether you call them caps or casquettes, there's a reason that cyclists have been wearing them for generations. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of wearing cap while you ride.


1. They keep sweat and rain out of your eyes
Most cycling caps come with integrated sweatbands, which are helpful in keeping sweat from dripping down into your eyes when the pace heats up. Additionally, they're great in rainy weather too as the peak can keep rain from falling in your eyes - just like the peak can also deflect the worst of the sunlight from your eyes so you can see where you're riding. 
2. They can be used as base layers
Just as you wear base layers on your body, you shouldn't neglect your head! Particularly in the cooler seasons, a cycling cap offers great protection from the elements. You can buy summer caps which are lighter and more sweat-wicking, and you can also buy winter caps, which use thermal materials. 
3. You can show off your style
A cycling cap is a great way to inject some personality into your cycling kit. Not everything has to be matchy matchy! 
4. Say goodbye to helmet hair
If you wear a helmet, particularly one with MIPS, you'll know that your hair can get caught in the liner quite easily. A cycling cap will help to prevent this by acting as a barrier. They can also prevent 'helmet hair', which often occurs on someone with short hair. As much as we all love the Pogačar tufts, not everyone can pull them off quite as well. 
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