Daily Sports Moisturiser: What are the benefits?

As cyclists, whether we ride on the road, the trail, or even on the turbo trainer, our skin is exposed to a lot. Sweat, wind, rain, mud, and even snow or hail in the winter, all these elements can, unfortunately, dry out our skin. 

So what can you do?
Using a moisturiser before and after a ride (and after a wash) is a great way to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. No matter the season, there’s always something that can damage your skin - UV rays from the sun in summer, and cold, dry air in the winter. 
Exposure to the elements can create dry skin that feels tight or even sore after a long time of going without any sort of moisture, so that’s why we created the VeloSkin Daily Sports Moisturiser
What is it?
The VeloSkin Daily Sports Moisturiser is a non-greasy and lightweight moisturiser we specifically formulated with bike riders in mind. All genders and all types of riders can use it, as it’s gentle and uses plenty of natural ingredients to avoid irritation. 
As it’s so lightweight you can use it before and after your rides, and even on rest days as we’ve designed it to be a daily application. So while you can use any sort of moisturiser on your face, and everyone’s skin reacts differently to different products, we have formulated our Daily Sports Moisturiser to be suited to those who are outdoors a lot and need the protection from the elements. 
What’s in there?
If you’ve used it before you’ll likely have noticed the scent - just like everything in the VeloSkin range, we want it to have a delightful aroma. In this case it’s orange blossom oil and bergamot oil which gives it a lovely natural zesty scent. 
We don’t test any of our products on animals, just cyclists.
Furthermore, there’s no parabens! So what is in there? We’ve got sweet almond oil, which is packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins to feed your skin, shea butter which helps to nourish and hydrate tight skin and contains Vitamin A. 
There’s also zinc oxide, which provides natural protection from UV rays, and coconut oil which helps to prevent premature ageing by protecting from UV rays and environmental pollution. If you want something with an SPF rating we highly recommend using a suncream alongside our moisturiser.
You can find the full list of ingredients here
Want to give it a try? It’s available as a single tin or as part of our many bundle offers