Did you know its National Orange Blossom Day, so why is that important to us

Its National Orange Blossom Day today! Who knew!?
So why do we care so much?
Well, Orange Blossom is a small part of our story. When VeloSkin was stuck in my head as a concept, I was riding through numerous rural villages in Mallorca, on a training camp, and I kept smelling this really intense, fresh, clean scent.
After some investigation, I found out it was Orange Blossom and VeloSkin orange became a thing. 
Part of my idea regarding VeloSkin Skincare was that I wanted a fresh and naturally scented product range. Scents that you would wear on a ride, to the gym or when in the outdoors, not on a night out and when I looked into Orange Blossom more, I discovered it also had numerous
skin benefits and properties including:
Reducing Inflammation and Irritation
Which are requirements for a product such as our Chamois Cream.
The fresh scent also gives a lifting mood and energises for instance when shaving. Overall the more we looked, the more we realised this needed to be part our range.
When we originally launched VeloSkin, people would smell our chamois cream, not literally the stuff in our shorts and say:
"Er, well that smells really nice, but its not like normal chamois cream!"
Well no its not, we aren't a manufacturer of "normal" chamois cream; we are Purveyors of Performance Chamois Cream that is outstanding. We blend 13 (Unlucky for some) natural plant based ingredients with other researched ingredients to create a product, which is different to the norm, which provides exceptional protection and performance.
So a few boring facts about Orange Blossom and an insight into VeloSkin.


Happy Riding,



Chris - Founder