Guest Blog - Liam McGlaughlin, Team GB Duathlete

Guest Blog by Liam McLaughlin
Team GB Duathlete

We should all think more about sport and skincare.

Veloskin has changed the way I look after my skin.

I was very generously gifted my first Veloskin set by my girlfriend’s dad - that’s when everything made sense.

A full VeloSkin set


Those who know me know I am very much into skincare, especially on my face. I love moisturising my face and to be honest, it gets easily battered out in the elements whenever I’m swimming, cycling or running. I lather moisturiser on daily and can really notice a bad difference when I don’t. It has now become an essential part of my post-exercise warm-down, if you like.

When I first tried Veloskin, I didn’t know where to start. I had five products:

All five of these products are exceptional. Of course I have my favourites:

  • Daily Moisturiser

    • I have never used such an effective moisturiser in my life. I’ve used this after getting soaked on the bike, getting wind-burn on my cheeks, getting baked in mid-september sun and even after swimming. When Veloskin say moisturiser, they mean moisturiser. It’s non-greasy, easy to use and is full of goodness. Oh, and it smells so good!

    • I hate the feeling after a long turbo sessions, or day in the saddle, when my face feels crispy and dehydrated. This product eliminates that feeling instantly. I feel with other moisturisers, I might have to put copious amounts of the stuff on to recharge the face, but you only need a little bit of this to get it right.

    • For me, the moisturiser is a must-have in any cyclist’s/runner’s/swimmer’ inventory.

  • Chamois Cream

    • Why there is a taboo about talking about your balls and your saddle I do not know. It’s the one thing that men on a bike get on with but it’s not fun to grind out hours on the bike on the part of your body ‘that is so vital for sustained, enjoyable riding.’

    • Introducing the ‘Hero’ product from Veloskin. It’s cream and that you can use down there to create ‘a protective buffer between you and the saddle’

    • I was skeptical at first, can a cream really help me defeat my nemesis: Saddle Sore. I get it bad, really bad. Everyone’s bodies are different but for whatever reason, it’s always been a problem problem for me. But not anymore.

    • The incredible scent aside, it’s the perfect cream to prevent sores happening and has helped me enjoy my riding so much more. I use it on my commutes into London, I use it on my turbo training and I use it when I race. Believe me, this one really works and you need it!

    • Veloskin’s Chamois Cream will change your life and answer the prayers you didn’t realise you prayed for.

  • Soothing Recovery Gel

    • This one is the dark horse of the lot. I never knew I wanted to moisturise my legs after exercise. But then I opened a tin of Soothing Gel and everything changed.

    • I probably wear shorts into the thick of winter, unless it’s sub zero. This is probably awful for my legs and I realised I’m exposing my legs to the same things I’m exposing my face to. So why not look after my legs as much as my face?

    • The Soothing Gel really helps me. I shave my legs and my legs do dry out quickly. I also do a lot of foam roller work and my legs can take a bit of a battering on the foam roller too.

    • I don’t use it after every swim, run or cycle, but when I do it really makes a difference and my legs feel genuinely feel cooler and relaxed.

For me, Veloskin provides something that has made me more aware of how important it is to look after my body and skin. After all, the skin is an organ and must be cared for.

I know plenty of people who don’t give a second thought and that’s fine. But I think anything that can offer comfort, relaxation and recovery after exercise is something worth investing in.