Have you used our secret weapon?

You may or may not have used our Soothing Gel, if you haven't you're missing out. You can pick up a sample to try out here.

First off all, let's get this out there - use it carefully. It's NOT dangerous, but we have found varying levels of sensitivity for different people, despite using it in the same places, it contains menthol and after a minute or so of application, you begin to feel the full cooling effect of it.

You know that tingly green shower gel? That. It feels a lot like that. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

What exactly is the Soothing Gel?

Well, our soothing gel was originally designed for use in the saddle area, post ride, to accompany the chamois cream and be a relieving agent to reinvigorate your skin if you had a long day in the saddle: chamois cream pre-ride to prevent discomfort, soothing gel post-ride to relieve any discomfort. This is where we've found people have suffered from "too much tingle".

Our recommendation based on this is to try it sparingly and see how you react, as it is different for everyone.


We have found many of our customers started applying the Soothing Gel to aching limbs, tired joints, battered feet and sore, wind-burned and sun-kissed skin with great success and many reports of feeling more recovered to go again the next day.

What's in it?

As we mentioned already, it contains menthol and Aloe Vera. The idea is that it brings blood back to the surface of your skin and helps to relieve any aches and pains. It isn't medicinal and carries no official medical properties.

Formulated using natural ingredients and no stinging alcohol, VeloSkin soothing gel has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling and speed up the healing and recovery process, while providing relief in the interim. It’s suitable for men and women and all skin types.

How do I use it?

Applying liberally to your muscles will provide instant relief as well as fast-tracking your recovery, but be mindful to avoid sensitive or broken skin. If you require even deeper relief, consider using our soothing gel for massage too.

So, if you ride plenty of miles and want a new, hidden gem to aid your recovery so you can go again, give our Soothing Gel a try!