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Hoāo Multisport partner with Veloskin

Veloskin is delighted to announce a new partnership with Hoāo Multisport. A team of four multi-sport athletes with a focus on competition across triathlon, cycling, swimming and running.

Hoao is the hawaiian translation of challenge, as Hawaii is the spiritual home of long distance triathlon, "it seemed a fitting moniker for the team" says Jack Rees, as they continue to challenge ourselves across all disciplines.

Having had our products created and tested over a number of years within the pro peloton within cycling, everything from the product quality and consistency, to the design of the tin, has been fully considered to ensure VeloSkin delivers ultimate skincare performance for cyclists.

Whilst cycling remains our core focus, skin protection is essential in all forms of sport. As a brand, having had recent feedback from runners and triathletes alike, it seems a natural progression that we partner with a semi-familiar team and venture into endurance multisport and triathlon as an essential part of their kit to assist these elite endurance athletes with their quest to be the best.

The team will use the full range of Veloskin products

Andrew Banks, one of the owners and Directors here at VeloSkin, is enthusiastic about the partnership.

“Whilst VeloSkin started out as a cycling specific brand, we’ve seen a huge uptake in our products from multisports athletes from day-to-day runners using our Chamois Cream as an anti-chafe cream, to ultra runners and endurance athletes using our Soothing Gel to help their muscles recover quicker. Staying true to our brand values, we’ve now got an amazing opportunity to put our products to the test at the highest levels in multisport, and we look forward to working with Hoāo this year.”

Jack Rees, lead at Hoāo Multisport added, “Veloskin are already embedded in the cycling market, and we are excited to support them to continue their forays into multisport. The products have a fantastic reputation and we are excited to use them in some different applications, moisturiser after open water swimming and the soothing gel after those long Sunday morning runs!”

Key Objectives 2021

    • Balancing competition in triathlon, with busy lives and working commitments
    • Competition across triathlon and cycling across the UK and Europe
    • World Championship qualification in 70.3 and / or 140.6 in Ironman and Challenge
    • Documenting the process through personal insight, sessions and academic study

We're looking forward to the challenge just as much as the team are!

You can follow the team and their training and racing here.

Images by James Huntly