Shaving Tips

Nothing beats a clean and perfect shave. Knowing you have perfectly smooth a fresh looking skin can make all the difference. More aero? Maybe. More comfortable? Absolutely. Aesthetically perfect? That’s what we want. Face or legs, or anywhere else, we’re after perfection. Razor sharp tan lines coupled with the perfect socks. Our shave cream provides you with a super close shave whilst our post shave lotion polishes it all off and leaves your skin feeling like an extension of your fresh socks.


How do you achieve that feeling? First of all, buying our shave set. Both shave cream and post-shave go hand in hand, just like a cafe stop on the club run. Everyone has a different routine, but with VeloSkin, we want to seamlessly adjust your routine so it makes perfect sense.


Pre-shave, in an ideal world you’ll be able to open up your pores by showering or bathing first, but that literally makes no sense? Splashing warm water on your face will suffice if you’re watching your water bill or don’t have a sauna or steam room as an option.


Exfoliate. This gets rid of any dead skin, dirt, seat and bacteria that might have built up. It also minimises ingrowing hairs by gently breaking the first layer of skin and allowing the hair to grow through correctly. This should be completed pre-shave and in the days that follow.


The razor. We recommend a good razor and good blades, something that won’t blunt after only half a leg is complete, as it’s not a great look. We recommend a quality double bladed razor at the very least, unless you’re working on Rule 5 and work with a cut-throat!


A brush. That’s right; a bowl and brush is something we recommend to get the best lather and maximise the longevity of your purchase. A thick and slick, luxurious lather is guaranteed if you use a bowl and a brush. Apply it in circular a motion to invigorate the hairs and raise them from the profile of the skin, this will let your razor cut straight from the bottom. We would obviously recommend using our shave cream in conjunction with this.


The technique. Shaving sounds easy, right? Well, take it off and you’re done. But for perfection, we recommend the double pass. Shave with the hair, that is with the direction it grows. Generally on the legs, it’s down, so we would say go down the leg. After you’ve done this, lather it up again and go across the hair. Although this sounds like a time consuming process, if you’ve followed the step of using a bowl and brush, it will be infinitely easier.


Post shave. That’s easy, apply our post shave lotion. A coupe of fingers tips worth should do a leg (definitely a face), so apply it until it soaks in bask in the glory of silky, refreshingly smooth pins. Shorts will go on effortlessly; leg grippers will grip without tearing hairs out and you will simply glide off the bed sheets at night.