Is your isolation station ready?

Our country, and indeed around the world as well, is experiencing something that has previously been unseen to this level. COVID19 is hot topic and currently there is much advice that is being suggested in terms of "self-isolation" and "social distancing".

*This blog will be updated in accordance with Government advice*

As of 20:30 on March 21st 2020 The UK Government is enforcing drastic measures to combat COVID19: YOU MUST ONLY RIDE SOLO!

What does VeloSkin know about this?

Honestly, as much as you. We are avidly watching the news, reading every snippet of information available to us and regularly in contact with out suppliers.

Firstly, we currently remain "business as usual" until we tell you otherwise, so don't worry about that.

Cycling's governing body British Cycling has issued advice, whilst medical experts are also giving their two penneth and providing information.

At the moment, we are advised to not travel if necessary and keep your distance from others in order to try and prevent the spread of this virus.

Currently, the message remains, be careful. You may still ride outside, with the biggest concern being that you have an accident which requires assistance from medical personnel that are dealing with A LOT of other stuff.

Should I cycle at all?

Currently the advice is yes, you can, you can still make that decision. In a group, maybe less so, the advice is to keep a safe distance, and we all know someone who likes to hold a wheel...but if you're going to ride and ride solo, let VeloSkin join you at least. Our products are still available and postage is still operating to its usual standard, so be sure to get in whilst you can.

If I'm self-isolating, should I still ride inside?

Absolutely! We've renamed our pain cave the "Isolation Station". We found over winter that a lot of people simply didn't consider using chamois cream on the turbo but were quickly converted; well, now you're clued up for Winter Training 2.0, you can use it during this period too! Check out our bundle deal with our soothing gel as well, it's perfect for post-ride recovery!

What other exercises can I do?

This is probably business as usual, what did you do before the virus struck? If you can't ride inside, a few bodyweight exercises will help, stretching and yoga. If you've got a few weights lying around, get shifting those. You can find plenty of examples online!

I'm showing symptoms of illness, should I ride?

Probably best avoided, our good friend Tom Murray has always told us, if it's on your chest, rest is best...if it's above the neck, you're good to go! 

I'm high risk, should I ride?

The advice is to take all the precautions, wash your hands (and bike) and don't stop anywhere in crowded spaces or visit the pubs or cafe as usual, but getting your regular exercise is fine, if you don't want to go outside, perhaps consider the turbo once again or a some bodyweight exercises as mentioned before.

If you have a bike and don't really want to do too much, perhaps you can use it to transport some goods to those in more need? Taking great care, of course!

The bottom line to all of this is take all the necessary precautions as stated by our governing body and Government as well. Keep riding in the safest way you can, keep buying your chamois cream and skincare and hopefully we will get through this in no time at all!

All the latest Government information can be found here.