Powering Kings of the Mountain since 2019

Jake Scott of SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling, sponsored by VeloSkin, takes the SKODA King of the Mountains jersey in the Tour of Britain.

Jake Scott SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling King of the Mountains 2019

If you've been watching this year's Tour of Britain, you can't have missed the epic riding by Jake, taking 59 points overall across the eight-stage race and claiming the King of the Mountains jersey on each of the eight days.

When you're riding and performing at this level, hitting the climbs and under pressure, comfort in the saddle is essential and the last thing you need is any sign of discomfort.

With VeloSkin on the team, Jake and the rest of the riders had no worries, and we couldn't be prouder of the win!

Chapeau! Jake and Team SwiftCarbon. Now get your feet up and crack open the Soothing Gel.