Join us on the Unmasked Mental Health Coast to Coast Ride!


We're inviting you to join us and Unmasked Mental Health on a Coast to Coast ride on Friday, 2nd September!
It's free to enter, (although sponsorship is welcome) full details of which are available here
Andy, Chris and Luis from VeloSkin joined Unmasked on various parts of their LEJOG challenge last year, and having seen the great work they do first hand, have agreed to sponsor and join their Coast to Coast challenge this time around.
Andy said "The work that Unmasked do is simply brilliant, and having seen this first hand we had to keep on getting involved - especially with such a challenging route planned. Hopefully we can raise a good level of donations to help Doug, Logan and their teams carry on the great work they do around mental health."
An estimated 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from mental ill health, and Unmasked Mental Health works to provide support to those suffering in the form of peer support groups, low-cost counselling, and workplace and school mental health training and support. 



The ride will begin at Blackpool Tower and finish 141 miles later in Whitby. There will be plenty of iconic climbs (and feed stops) to tick off on the way, but the ride is about inclusion and finishing rather than racing. 

There's no obligation to ride the full route - if you live along the route please feel free to ride with us for as far as you feel comfortable! We'll be sharing our location in this tracking link on the day, so you can keep an eye on where we are. 


Want to get involved? Donate through this link here, and hopefully we'll see you out on the road!


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