Meet Ian Walker and find out more about his World Record attempt in 2019

Meet Ian Walker. Like all of you, he just loves riding a bike. In a few weeks, Ian will undertake the most gruelling cycling event of his life. Last year, he rode 4300 km to North Cape in Norway to win the North Cape 4000 race. This summer he returns to North Cape to begin a 6300 km ride. This will take him through 10 Countries (unsupported we might add) in an Ultra-Bike Adventure as he tries to break the Guinness World Record for crossing between Europe's northernmost and southernmost points. Searing Heat, freezing cold, howling wind and pouring rain await Ian and his steed along with long old-climbs, technical descents, pot holes and more. This adventure will literally have it all.  

Ultra cycling

Now Ian writes for and we sent our Chamois Cream to the team to test. Ian was assigned the task of performance testing the cream and to give his honest review of how it performed. are known for giving independent and frank reviews of products to ensure its readers get a true reflection into great and not so great products, out in the market place. We were super pleased with Ian's review, he didn't give us 5/5 and we forgive him for that, his only negative comment being that we weren't the cheapest on the market, but we never set out to be, we wanted to offer a truly premium Chamois Cream, using high quality natural ingredients, that out performed leading brands. We have since been named in's top 8 chamois creams

With Chamois Cream left over from his review, Ian decided to undertake the North Cape 4000 using our cream. An ultra test of performance for any product and his response was, "I wanted to get in touch and let you know how incredible your chamois cream performed. I was so impressed with how well it worked"

Now, it must be said that Ian rides his bike and he rides his bike a lot! He needs any products he uses for his "normal" riding or ultra adventures to be uncompromising and to perform to the highest standard, and we are stoked that our chamois cream surpassed that.

So, fast forward a few months and Ian approached us to see if we would like to be involved in his World Record Attempt, to complete the ride between North Cape and Tarifa, completely unsupported, in the fastest time possible. Hell yeah we did!

As we get closer to Ian's epic attempt, we will be sending more details to you about how he got into Ultra Cycling, his training, as well as some interesting facts about his attempt.