Monica Dew gets to know the VeloSkin range

Former elite cyclist and current YouTuber, Monica Dew knows a thing or two about cycling. And with her years of experience, comes a certain standard she expects from her skincare. At VeloSkin, we develop all our products to be gender-neutral as we believe everyone should be comfortable on the bike. Monica has been using our products for about two years now, and we asked if she'd put pen to paper to talk about how she's found them. So grab a brew, settle in and read on!


I came across VeloSkin products in lockdown. I don’t know about you, but I did a lot of exercise in this time frame - especially cycling - and I also took up a massive interest and care in my daily skincare routine. As well as cycling a lot outside and being exposed to all sorts of weather I took it quite hard being away from loved ones, reducing my social life down to basically zero and spending a significant amount of time indoors. This for me increased anxiety and therefore, my skin wasn’t at its happiest and became very dry. After a long time trying to find the right skincare products which would allow me to feel good in myself and also not break me out and block my pores for riding, I finally came across VeloSkin and now I won’t turn to another harsh high street brand for my pre and post-ride skincare.

First up is the Chamois Cream. For me personally, long days in the saddle were uncomfortable before discovering VeloSkin. Due to how women find it comfier to sit on the saddle, we tend to rotate our pelvis more to find that comfy position.

I also used to suffer from saddle sores but finding a chamois cream that is soft and smooth has been a game-changer. Every other one I tried I found that after an hour in the saddle it used to rub off and I'd be left uncomfortable. I don’t have that problem with VeloSkin. I find it lasts all day and doesn’t need to be reapplied for up to 3 to 4 hours of riding.

It’s also a saviour for indoor riding due to spending more time planted in the saddle and less time out of it like you would outdoors when stopping for traffic lights etc. You could even argue that it’s needed more indoors than outdoors due to the intensity and heat creating more friction.

I’d say moving onto the Soothing Gel that this ties in quite nicely as a package with the Chamois Cream - the Soothing Gel being a product for using directly after riding, and the Chamois Cream as a pre-ride product.

I always had that ‘training time’ mentality when I was racing which was to get up, have breakfast, train, eat, sleep and then repeat the next day. I didn't think about taking the recovery of my muscles seriously and definitely not in terms of a cream for my legs. We are all so caught up in coming back from a ride sweaty and starving that we focus on showering, eating, replenishing nutrients and looking after our gut health, but the simplicity of using the Soothing Gel at the end of my showers changed the way my body recovered. If we think about it, of course we need to fuel the fire, but our legs do most of the talking when it comes down to training. So if you’re gonna look after your gut health then why not look after your muscle recovery too in the most simple way possible!

The most important product in my wash bag is the Daily Sports Moisturiser! One of the most in-demand products that we have in our daily routines. Looking after our skin is so important and especially for women, our bodies go through so much change all the time. Hormone changes, stress, and anxiety all have a massive effect on how our skin shows on the outside. I have always struggled to find a product that does it all; hydrates well, protects my skin from the elements and doesn't clog pores when exercising. I've been riding bikes for quite some time and I love to have a well-hydrated face but could never find a product that didn’t clog my pores when I was training or irritate my skin.

For me, my skin goes through phases of being so dry and sore at certain times of the year, especially in winter. Using products on my face especially to keep it hydrated is a massive tick for me. The VeloSkin Moisturiser is so lightweight, doesn't irritate and absorbs into the skin so quickly, oh and it smells amazing! It is the perfect addition to my morning routine before a day on the bike and my evening routine before bed. Love cycling and love hydrated skin? Look no further - tried, tested, approved!!

Now, who's bloomin 'excited about the sun finally showing its face recently?! I know I definitely am! Now that summer is around the corner we can discuss one of the most important products you’re gonna need for lookin’ goooood on those sunny miles! SHAVE CREAM! And its little brother, Post Shave Lotion 😉

I am rubbish at shaving my legs. It's a task I don’t think anyone enjoys, I always rush it and end up with cuts all over. The Shave Cream literally made my shaving experience a dream. It smells incredible (which is a change from the vile smell of the men’s shave cream that I used to rob off my dad), it protects my skin from harsh razors as it adds a barrier between the razor and my skin, yet it still creates a completely clean shave - which is obviously magic!

My favourite part about the Shave Cream is that a little bit goes a loooong way. I always used to lather on the Shave Cream as it was needed but always felt so wasteful at the same I can use a little bit and get a nice smooth, clean shave.

Oh no, we’re not done yet…. Let's talk about the partner in crime, Post Shave Lotion. If you’d have asked me a year ago, I'd have laughed at the thought of adding another step to my already annoying shave routine. I used to literally just want it over and done with. However, when I took a step back and thought about what shaving actually was, I thought ‘Ooh yeah, I literally am taking a sharp razor blade and dragging it across my skin right...’ Therefore, surely I'm taking a protective layer of skin off!

When this penny dropped I realised the importance of a Post Shave Lotion to reinstate that protective barrier between my skin and the elements you’re exposed to in a day. It also avoids that awkward salami looking pimply skin after a shave! Win-Win! Like silky dolphins is how I describe the finished result of shaving my legs using VeloSkin 😉

Finally, a huge tick for me is that VeloSkin products are all created with a gender-neutral approach. Each product is formulated with consideration of the female PH balance, to promote good skin health and reduce the risk of infection. If that isn’t a reason to get involved then I don’t know what is!

Amen to that! Xo


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