Our summer essentials

You've no doubt had your first BBQ of the year, the children are breaking up from school and it's raining, slap on that SPF 50, as British summer is officially here!

You might be off to the Alps for a week or you might be pedalling up the road with your friends. Whatever you are doing, there are some summer essentials you shouldn’t forget....​

1. VeloSkin Chamois Cream - Keeping you comfortable throughout the ride, so you can take in the views, knock out the miles or chat to your riding buddy. For big days / long miles, we recommend double protection, by applying the cream to your pad, as well as direct to your skin and in particular to your contact points.

2. Sunglasses - A must for any cyclist to give you that Pro look, whilst protecting your eyes from flying debris, flying bugs and harmful UV. We love the Oakley's Sutro for a modern retro look.

3. Apparel - Lightweight materials, technical details and UV protection are all really important considerations when choosing the right kit to keep you looking and feeling cool. We really love the kit our friends at Band of Climbers have produced and the orange jersey is definitely on point!

4. Nutrition - Riding the K's requires the rider to be able to push the pedals, which requires fuel and nutrition is super important. We recently tried out Veloforte's bars and they were super tasty and really did help us fuel our ride better.


5. Awesome weather, long may it continue, pretty please.