Rapid Rich's Stalag IV-B Ride

On 5th June 2022 Richard Stoodley, AKA Rapid Rich will be setting off on his biggest adventure yet. He will be riding 1,800 miles from RAF Harwell to Berlin, following the journey his late father made in WWII after he was captured in Normandy.

Richard's late Dad, Bob Stoodley was captured as a prisoner of war and led to a camp in Stalag, Berlin. Richard aims to complete 90 miles a day over 21 days in an effort to follow his dad's journey. 

From old railway lines to gravel tracks, he will be riding the route as accurately as he can, according to his late father's memory and some help from an American historian. 

VeloSkin is pleased to be sponsoring Richard on his challenge, supplying him with Chamois Cream and other products to make his journey as comfortable as possible in the saddle. 

If you want to learn more about Richard's ride, visit his website here where he will be providing updates on his progress.