Revolutionary E-Chamois Cream!

Veloskin is proud to create the world's first e-bike specific Chamois Cream.

This special chamois cream has been designed with as much care and attention as the rest of our core range, but this new -ecream serves a new purpose.

With e-bike sales spiking, we have jumped on the trend to provide a specific Chamois Cream to keep your e-riding supercharged!

Formulated to keep both rider and bike in harmony and synchronised, the new Veloskin E-Chamois Cream contains groundbreaking nano technology blended with our traditional ingredients, which can extend and improve the performance of your e-bike's battery!

Apply the chamois cream directly to your saddle area as well as your chamois and the second you sit on your e-bike, you'll feel a surge of energy like no other.

Tackle the hills, mountains and winding lanes with ease when you use Veloskin's incredible new E-Chamois Cream. Available in both our 150ml tins as well as our fantastic travel friendly sample packs!

Not only that, but the nano technology can work wonders on Zwift as well, providing extended comfort and power for those indoor turbo rides!