Ribble Weldtite Training Camp 2020

As a 2020 sponsor of the Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling Team, everyone involved at VeloSkin was invited out to Spain to join the team and see how the riders will be preparing for the 2020 season.

Chris Bairstow (founder), Chris Iredale (Director), Andy Banks (Director) and Luis Alcantarilla (Digital Marketing) all made the trip across to see what the riders get up to both on and off the bike.

This year the team all stayed in the same space with the fantastic Oodles Retreat Villa, which is accommodating for large parties; a great way for the sponsors and riders to mix and get to know one another, but also great for team building.

The new kit was distributed to the team, with some riders having already had their allocation due to an early season race at the Saudi Tour. This was a highlight for us in particular, to finally see the team sporting the VeloSkin branding, front and back.

The riders were all also on their new bikes provided by Ribble, the Ribble Endurance SL R Disc which features Di2, disc brakes and integrated cabling and bars.

We managed to see a mixture of short easy rides and a couple of tougher rides whilst also escaping and getting in a ride of our own with some better weather.

In the evening, each rider has their own preferred method of recovery, from stretching and rolling, a dip in the pool to compression tights and of course, plenty of food and drink. Some riders opted to eat out on a night whilst others opted to cook for themselves.

We also conducted some of our own content gathering and creation, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The villa is located just a short trip from Calpe, which if you didn't know, is an absolute haven for cyclists with tough rolling roads and huge climbs all close by, all with the famous rock watching on from the coast line.

Huge thanks to the team and all the riders for being accommodating and having us there whilst they worked. They'll be training every day until February 28th, so there's still plenty of work for them to be doing!

Keep your eyes peeled for content from the trip!