Riding in the rain...

Riding in the rain can be tough. Some people love it and others love to hate it, whilst there are some that just won’t entertain it! You might be unfortunate and simply get caught out by it, there’s not much can be done about that, but if you’re going for it, you’ve got to be prepared!

One thing is for sure, it’s character building. Grit, road debris, reduced vision and soggy kit; that’s everything that’s coming. Although wet rides aren’t something to look forward to, there are ways to help improve the experience.

An important factor for us is using plenty of chamois cream. Our chamois cream is designed to prevent friction, and often when your kit gets wetter, this increases the chances of friction and there’s potential for discomfort. If you’ve checked the forecast and there’s rain forecast, it would be a good idea to apply a little bit more (see our previous blog), both to the chamois and to your skin. As we always say, prevention is better than cure; a saddle sore is not something you want!

Here’s a few tips to consider when you’re riding in the rain:

  1. There’s no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing! This is true, if you’ve got a great rain cape and a good base layer, you can stay as warm and dry as possible.
  2. Ride with guards on your bike. Ok, you might get caught in a shower in summer on your best bike, but if you’re planning to ride in less than favourable weather, consider helping yourself and your friends by riding with guards.
  3. Overshoes: The tighter the better. There are loads of options, but keeping your feet warm and dry will keep you pedalling.
  4. Try wearing a cap: it can keep the rain from getting into your eyes and might be better than wearing sunglasses.
  5. Ride with lights: make sure you can be seen from as many angles as possible if the weather affects visibility!
  6. Recover your skin: it’s quite possible with rain that there are other factors at play, cleaning your skin after riding in bad weather and using our moisturiser can help you maintain the health of your skin.
  7. Chamois Cream: just put plenty on, more moisture in your saddle area means that there is more chance of a problem occurring.
  8. Don’t forget to drink: often overlooked when it’s wet because you can’t move as freely or you’re concentrating more, but stay hydrated!
  9. Just ride inside: read our turbo blog to find out more!

You can make your ride that much better by being prepared, and that goes for skincare as much as it does your kit. Enjoy the ride!