Supporting Canyon DHB Sungod

Last week, we were invited down to Fleet to spend a couple of days with the Canyon DHB Sungod team! If at any point you catch a picture of a Canyon DHB sungod rider on the road and you can see our branding, tag us on social media and we'll get you a 10% discount code to use towards your next purchase!

As one of two supported domestic teams, it's good for us to be able to meet and mix with the riders and get to know them and what they like about Veloskin and our range.

Their mini team camp was to be hosted on home soil, for obvious reasons. And also for obvious reasons, for us to be able to join them we had to get ourselves a negative test before arriving, which we duly did.

The 4 days consisted of:

  • New Bike shakedown - to address any problems
  • Race Simulation - Local circuit including three ascents of Box Hill, 160km with 2000m elevation and including much of the 2012 Olympic Road Race Circuit
  • Endurance ride - Z2-3 ride, 5-6 hours in the saddle with 10 minute turns on the front
  • Steady two hours with sponsors and friends

Unfortunately we were only able to stay with the team for their first two days, but that at least meant we got to see them at full tilt on Box Hill with a full race simulation day, from warmup and preparation to race-pace and the blood, sweat and tears that goes into it!

The race was set off as a hand-cap, with the U23 riders (6 of them) all heading off at 5 minutes before the rest of the team made chase (7). The race was brought together after just over an hour of racing, and quickly split up with fatigue hitting for some riders.

The final ascent of Box Hill saw some real splits, with Rory Townsend carrying a slim advantage over Damien Clayton, followed swiftly by Euan Macleod and Rob Scott. Rory ran out the eventual winner wrapping up a tough day's training raced at an average speed of 40kph!

Both teams use the exact same products that are on sale on our website, with a lot positive feedback for them too! You can get yours here!

Check out the riders on Strava to see their efforts, and whilst you're there, join our club.