That Guy is Crazy!

Guy has been using Veloskin products for quite some time now. He regularly tags us in all sorts of crazy challenges, so when it came to his latest one, we asked him to put a few thoughts down for us to share his challenge with you.


When you plan to take on a challenge as big as riding the 3,000 mile Race Across America (RAAM) as a soloist - you want to use kit you can trust. I've never been more comfortable on the bike than I have with Veloskin, it just removes another thing to worry about!

The #PACE140 Challenge

Before I head to California for RAAM next year in 2022, I've planned some challenges that will help start to train mind and body for the rigours of cycling 250miles+ a day for around 9-10 days. The first comes in March, where I'll be cycling 140km every single day for 30 days.

140km represents the 140 children born every month with cerebal palsy - a lifelong condition that affects children's mobility, muscle control, posture and balance. I wanted to find a way to celebrate these amazing children and the work that the Pace Centre do to support them through therapy, school and outreach services. Pace help these children fulfil their potential in life, and as someone who's faced a very different battle, I know how important these services can be.

Finding kit you can trust

I found Veloskin a few years ago, after a post on Twitter I got lots of great reviews from cyclists and decided to switch from a well known and expensive brand of chamois cream. What I liked was how much they cared about their range and the purpose they were trying to serve with their products and as a brand. It's a great British brand using natural ingredients (no extras and nothing hidden) and importantly it's made by people who are cyclists themselves.

The jewel in the Veloskin crown is the chamois cream, but the whole range comes packaged in the signature orange box, classic black metal tin and with a pleasant orange fragrance. 

For someone who enjoys a challenge and a long day in the saddle, finding kit that lives up to the sales pitch can be tricky. Veloskin genuinely does though. As I push my body further and further, the chamois cream stays the distance. Before we were locked down in the UK I managed a 240 mile ride through Kent and Sussex on one application. Since then I've completed a number of virtual 24hr races, including the vWTTC where I rode 406 miles to qualify for RAAM, and not suffered with any kind of saddle sores. Great kit gives you confidence, right?

Along with the chamois cream they offer shaving products with shave cream and post shave lotions, a moisturiser and a soothing gel, which is a hidden gem. Now, am I really a cyclist because I don't shave my legs!?

The soothing gel is going to be used extensively through out March, I can tell you. I'm told it was originally developed to cool saddle sores and relieve any discomfort after long days in the saddle, so predominantly you'd be massaging it in to either your under carriage or your legs. A word of caution on the former, as care is required as to where you apply as it contains menthol. So, if you suffer from saddles sores and friction and general soreness after those long rides, this is great to aid a faster recovery.

The key to completing this challenge successfully and as pain-free as possible will be creating a good recovery routine. I'll be splitting the 140km in to two rides, morning and evening to fit it around my day job and kids. So once I finish my evening ride, eat and shower, I'll massaging the cooling gel in to my thighs and calves  to help aid my recovery over night and to ensure my legs are ready to go for another 140km the next day.

These kind of challenges force you in to being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Thankfully Veloskin are there to make it a little less uncomfortable.

If you'd like to find out more about the #PACE140 Challenge and support me - I'm aiming to raise £1,400 for Pace by the end of March - head here.

I'm sure you'll join us here at Veloskin in wishing Guy well on his challenge, enjoy dude and all the best!


PS - Guy says he'll shave his legs if he reaches his target, so we'll chip in and give him the essentials to do it!