VeloSkin's Travel guide

VeloSkin’s quick-pack cycling travel guide.

It’s that time of year, where the days begin to get longer, but the temperature stays low and race season is looming. How’s your fitness? Hopefully you’re starting to see some progress, but to put the icing on the cake, a week in the sun is needed, if only to cultivate your tan lines.

Cycling hotspots include Tenerife, Girona, Calpe and the C’ote D’Azur and the Mecca that is Mallorca. Why? The terrain is rugged with mountains, rolling and rapid on coastal flats, the temperature is high and the coffee is good. Once you’ve picked your destination and selected your accommodation, now is the moment to decide if you’re renting or taking your own bike. The costs are similar for booking a bike with your flight and likely renting a bike box or bag from your LBS or your mate that can’t make it as they are with renting a bike once you arrive. If you’re keen to ride something different, it’s a good opportunity to try that; but if you want the familiar comfort of your own pusher, book the box on… in addition, you can pack a few extra bits inside the bike box so perhaps you’ll only need carry on luggage as opposed to also booking a suitcase, the choice is yours.

If you do take your own bike, be sure that anything you undo, gets tightened enough when it goes in the box; you don’t want to lose any bolts…and don’t forget your seatpost! There are loads of videos online for bike packing, and you can never be too careful with protecting your pride and joy, it’s often a good idea to have a rear hanger, just in case.

What kit do you need? Break it down into days and you can work it out from there. You can always check out if there is hotel laundry service or washing facilities; failing that, a little pack of travel wash can refresh your kit if you’re packing light, but if you’ve shelled out for a suitcase as well, go mad and pack 7 kits if you’ve got it! Definitely give the weather a glance before you go and check what cold/wet weather kit you need. Hopefully it will be none, but you don’t want to get caught out!

If you’re riding with a group, it’s a good idea to share some things out to save weight and unnecessary packing. Track pumps, tools and energy items are heavy and bulky in their own right, so spread the weight around if this is an option for you.


  • Helmet - safety first; some countries have laws about it,

  • Glasses - you’re going for some sun…

  • Neck warmer - you never know, and you can wipe your shades with it

  • Base layer - wick away the inevitable sweat

  • Short Sleeve Jersey - cultivating that tan

  • Arm warmers - the wind might pick up one day; or you might burn your arms.

  • Lightweight gilet - it won’t hurt to carry an extra layer

  • Water proof jacket - worth taking, but you may not need it once you’re there

  • Bib shorts - duh?!

  • Socks - #Freshsocks # Shavedguns - check out our friends at Pongo London

  • Shoes - you won’t get far without these

  • Sun cream - don’t destroy your skin, we can only help so much!

  • Gels and bars - see our friends at OTE Sports for great offers and premium nutrition products

  • Tool kit - you likely ride with one anyway, so just pack in your bike box

  • Spare tubes - you might usually ride with one, but be over zealous and pack a few just in case; some local bike shops can over price a few things like this

  • C02 - if you use gas, check with your airline before flying as to the restrictions they have with packing C02, otherwise buy it there or take a trusty pump

  • Bike lube and wash - riding in the heat and dust can have a funny effect on your bike

  • Currency - you won’t get any coffee without it!

  • GPS routes - if you’re not familiar with your destination, following local pros on Strava can give you a good idea of routes, failing that, a quick google search can do the same, or you can always get one of those map things out…

  • Bike computer - you will be so mad with yourself if you don’t take it

…And of course, your brand new VeloSkin Transfer pack. What’s included? 2 VeloSkin bottles, 2 x 20ml chamois cream (around 6-8 uses), 1 x 20ml moisturiser, 1 x 20ml shave cream, 1 x 20ml post shave lotion and 1 x 20ml soothing gel.

This pack was developed with training weeks and long weekends in mind. The pots are small enough that they can be taken on with hand luggage, but big enough to see you through a week of riding. We found that taking all five products in their typical 150ml glory was unnecessary and heavy. It’s the best part of 1kg in weight, and that can be the difference in a bit of a fine or not, and they weren’t suitable for customs if you’re only on a short weekend.

So, enjoy your week away, train hard and long, make the most of the sun, and remember to take care of your skin. Feel free to tag us in your pictures so we can see what you’re up to and use the hashtag #myveloskin

If you think we’ve missed anything; let us know on our social media…