Have a ride on us...

Our recent campaign has been devised to encourage those who have not yet tried Veloskin, to get involved and give us a go. We're absolutely confident you'll love it and be back for more!

We recently developed our sachets of chamois cream, which should make it easier when travelling to take your favourite chamois cream with you much more conveniently, whether that's travelling abroad or riding those huge Audax rides.

These sachets are great for travelling and epic rides alike, whether you're a gravel nut, endurance roadie or Time Trialling guru, they're easy to pack and give enough for at least one, but perhaps two rides. Or, if you really want to spend hours and hours out there, a second application of chamois cream, just to be sure.

We see skincare, and in particular our chamois cream, as an essential part of your ride. Much like you take a Garmin, your tools, food and drink, we are right there with you every step of the way, from start to finish.

They're also good for samples so we can get more people onboard Team VeloSkin. Which is where we want you to Have a ride on us...

So, if you haven't tried Veloskin and in particular, our hero chamois cream, now is a great time. All you have to do is follow the link to claim your sample and we'll take care of the rest. Why not pass this link on to a friend as well and let them know to get involved?

Don't forget to follow our social channels as well for up to date information on deals, bundles and new products.

See you on the road,


Team VeloSkin